Center of Dialogue

The Center of Dialogue will be a gathering of minds scheduled to take place at the end of the Urantia Global Experience on Saturday morning (see Daily Schedule). It is intended as a round-table discussion and exploration of the major topics derived from the previous deliberations in both Focus Groups and Vision Teams.

The objective of this dialogue is to identify some common issues, themes, or goals arising from all discussions on the twelve areas of progressive civilization as listed in Paper 71:4. These ideas will be considered in relation to the various duties and objectives of the master seraphim of planetary supervision mentioned in Paper 114:6 (see Suggested Reading).

The results of this meeting will form the basis of the final report to the Urantia Book community.

More on Progressive Civilization

The organizers of the Urantia Global Experience recognize that the dissemination of the teachings of Jesus is of utmost importance. But we also recognize that our inner spiritual growth is not the only challenge during our short stay on Urantia. To progress, we must also apply our spiritual realizations to the outside world, to our everyday lives and occupations— we must do something.

The Urantia Book makes it clear that the evolution of the Supreme embraces the progressive growth and integration of all finite reality, including physical, mental, and spiritual realities. On a planetary scale, this evolution requires the progressive growth of our civilization to the ultimate stages of light and life.

A progressive civilization is not only an outgrowth of spiritual leadership, but it also serves as a positive social environment, one which readily fosters the ongoing spiritual growth of the individual. To evaluate the importance of this process, we need look no further than the objectives of the twelve corps of master seraphim operating on Urantia (114.6).

The master seraphim are exalted angels who started out on the worlds of space and, by their own efforts, eventually attained the highest spiritual achievement possible for their order, having reached Paradise and the Seraphic Corps of Completion on Seraphington.

Presently on Urantia, there are twelve corps of these master seraphim whose primary concern is to foster such mundane affairs as international relations, education, health, home life, industry, and leisure. These seraphim work closely with human individuals who dedicate their life’s work not only to spiritual causes, but also to social, economic, and political causes, among others.

The Urantia Global Experience encourages individual spiritual growth as well as individual efforts to reach out to the divine direction so freely offered to us for the improvement of individual lives by means of improving the many faucets of civilization. Indeed, this is a heady endeavor and a slow process, but it can become a reality only by our individual willingness to cooperate with Michael’s planetary administration.

And this progress in the arts of civilization leads directly to the realization of the highest human and divine goals of mortal endeavor—the social achievement of the brotherhood of man and the personal status of God-consciousness, which becomes revealed in the supreme desire of every individual to do the will of the Father in heaven. (71:4.15)

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