It is our desire that the Urantia Global Experience will bring together free and original thinkers dedicated to doing the will of God and serving others. Our objective is to further a progressive civilization by formulating effective methods to improve the institutions and practices of our planet. To this end, participants will have the opportunity to work together in Focus Groups and Vision Teams.

The Urantia Global Experience is an experience of spiritual unity, a unity inspired by our common motive to do the will of God, and by the recognition that each of us is indwelt by the spiritual gift of God. More specifically, we aspire to spiritual unity for the purpose of effecting positive changes in the evolution of civilization on our planet. Through unity we gain strength, making it possible for all of us to lift together in the great task of making such progressive changes a reality. And as we lift together to raise our world a little closer to an age of light and life, we find ourselves engaged in humble service to God the Supreme.

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Programs and Events

Individuals wishing to participate as facilitators or leaders must read the Facilitators Handbook

More volunteers are needed for a variety of tasks. We also need people with singing voices for the UGE choir. See the Registration page for more information.

Please note: Participants need to be well prepared for Focus Group discussions. See the Suggested Reading List.



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