It is our desire that the Urantia Global Experience will bring together free and original thinkers dedicated to doing the will of God and serving others. Our objective is to further a progressive civilization by formulating effective methods to improve the institutions and practices of our planet. To this end, participants will have the opportunity to work together in Focus Groups and Vision Teams.

The Urantia Global Experience is an experience of spiritual unity, a unity inspired by our common motive to do the will of God, and by the recognition that each of us is indwelt by the spiritual gift of God. More specifically, we aspire to spiritual unity for the purpose of effecting positive changes in the evolution of civilization on our planet. Through unity we gain strength, making it possible for all of us to lift together in the great task of making such progressive changes a reality. And as we lift together to raise our world a little closer to an age of light and life, we find ourselves engaged in humble service to God the Supreme.

We grow together spiritually as individuals when concepts of ME transition to WE as we share a common understanding of destiny and hope.

We recognize that our spiritual unity is building on a foundation of free personality and spirit originality.

Jesus said, “You do not have to see alike or feel alike, or even think alike, in order spiritually to be alike.” [141:5.1]

The Urantia revelation, prayer and worship provide our inspiration and direction as we work in full cooperation with the angels of progress to provide a positive environment conducive to both individual and group participation.

See the Center of Dialogue for more ideas and objectives in our pursuit of progressive civilization.

Focus Groups - Thinking Inside the Circles

Focus Group participants will start their discussions by concentrating on the twelve points outlined in The Urantia Book under Progressive Civilization [71:4]. It is the goal of Focus Group sessions to be united in purpose and to achieve, through teamwork, greater comprehension and actualization of God the Supreme. Focus groups seek to establish a foundation of higher values on which to build visions for a progressive social environment.

Vision Teams - Building Outside the Circles

“The religious challenge of this age is to those farseeing and forward-looking men and women of spiritual insight who will dare to construct a new and appealing philosophy of living out of the enlarged and exquisitely integrated modern concepts of cosmic truth, universe beauty, and divine goodness.” [2:7.10]

Vision Teams will be composed of presenters, panelists, project leaders, authors, artists, and inspirational speakers who will engage in creating cooperative service project goals for the revelation as well as learning and contributing to existing or emerging projects in the future service of civilization.

The aim is to engage with the insights gained from our morning discussions outlining our visions for service, teaching, and for living the revelatory truths on both personal and collective levels by finding supportive ways to cooperate with existing service organizations.

Both Focus Groups and Vision Teams will present and share their collective insights and conclusions at the end of the experience. These ideas will form the basis for ongoing centers of dialogue in which all participants can engage. We hope to inspire everyone to continue to evolve these ideas with the intention of making them a reality on the world stage.  

“And then, when you are blessed with spiritual vision, go forth to your work, dedicating your life to the cause of leading mankind to search for God and to seek eternal realities with the eye of spiritual faith and not with the eyes of the material mind.” [181:2.20]


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