Open House

Open House occurs on Saturday, August 1, (see Schedule). This is an extra-curricular opportunity for those who wish to do presentations or hold meetings related to their specific projects, ones which are not necessarily aligned with the objectives of UGE. At the moment, there are five proposed areas of interest. If you would like to participate in the Open House, please Contact Us.

At this point, the entries shown below serve as examples.

Exchange of Ideas

Older U.S. Christians being quickly replaced by young ‘nones’ - Pew report

Religion is on the decline as more adults check ‘none’ - Pew report

New Projects

The Continuation of Urantia Global Experience


Collaboration with The Christ Experiment

Committee Meetings

Urantia Association of Canada

Organizational Gatherings

Urantia Foundation

Urantia Book Fellowship

Urantia Association

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