Vision Teams

The Vision

A vision is a long-term, overarching goal. It is a vivid description of the most desirable future and is constructed in such a way as to excite and inspire individuals to achieve this future.

A vision is a declaration of what we are here to do. Ideally, it is formulated in such a way as to foster ideals, creativity, and commitment, as well as to guide behavior.

Achieving any particular vision, or goal, requires:

  1.  A Vision Statement – a simple and concise statement of a future goal – where we are going.
  2.  A Strategy – specific plans on how to accomplish the vision.

 A Vision Story

The following story comes from an online source and it may apply very well to our present situation.

Three men were laying bricks.

The first is asked "What are you doing?" ... "Laying these darn bricks."

The second is asked "What are you doing?" ... "Feeding my family."

The third is asked "What are you doing?" ... "I'm part of the team building a cathedral so that people can come and worship to their God and feel at peace."

The third bricklayer is energized by a vision that not only transforms but also defines the actual task to be done by portraying an achievement that is far greater than he alone could attain.

The Vision Statement

A vision statement is often only one sentence long while the mission statement is about a paragraph in length and is closely related to the vision statement. For the purposes of the experience, we suggest using the format of a mission statement.

The vision statement is usually constructed by the Vision Team, but this job could be delegated to the Focus Groups. It describes what the team is hoping to achieve over time. This would include not only the core purpose but how we proceed from present circumstances.

Two examples of a vision statement are:

The Urantia Book Fellowship

It is our mission to facilitate the worldwide spread of The Urantia Book and its teachings, to stimulate study, connect believers, and ensure that truth seekers everywhere have access to this supernal text.

Urantia Association International

Our two-fold mission: to foster the in-depth study of the book and the dissemination of its teachings – teachings which have the potential to rejuvenate spirituality in this world and enhance the comfort, happiness and well-being of every person.

Some elements of a good vision statement:
  • It is a declaration of our ideal future, our long-term goals
  • It is clear and easy to understand
  • It stirs passions and serves as a rallying point
  • It inspires and commits
  • It clarifies direction and purpose
  • It sets forth standards of supreme values
  • It serves as a reminder of our objectives
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