Visionary Explorations


In serving God the Supreme, we envision participation of farseeing Visionaries who,  through active or anticipated projects, enhance the progress of civilization by putting the revelatory teachings into action.

The Urantia Book reveals both the personal nature of religion as well as the need for all people to work together to assist the planet’s progress toward light and life. Many readers have ideas about how to advance civilization and some of these visionaries are taking their ideas forward, making them real as they relate to growth in the Supreme. Others have fleshed out their ideas but have yet to find a viable mechanism for their realization, while others have great ideas yet to be implemented.

Outside the Urantia movement, there are numerous individuals and organizations trying to achieve similar advances in civilization. Although the Urantia Book itself implies that being “visionary” might lead to “impractical undertakings” (149:4.3), the Visionary Exploration portion of UGE 2020 is intended to provide a milieu in which these farseeing individuals can present their projects.

If you have a project and would like to be considered for a place at UGE 2020, there are conditions you need to know:

  1. Participation versus Presentation

The intent of these Visionary Explorations is to have group participation and discussion, rather than solely making a presentation to the group. Urantia Book readers are well-educated and experienced. The idea is to solicit valuable insights from participants to better understand the possibilities and pitfalls of the proposed or active projects. It is hoped that interested individuals will want to remain involved after UGE 2020 to follow up on their ideas or projects.

  1. Fit and Function

All Explorations must fit into the general theme of UGE 2020, Lifting Together - Serving God the Supreme, keeping in mind the evolution of civilization. Potential visionary exploration topics include: education, music and media arts serving the revelation, spiritual unity, leaders and teachers, bringing the revelation to the world, study, service, and so forth. Final selection for the meeting rooms available will be made by the UGE 2020 Advisory Council.

  1. Pair or Team

All functions of UGE 2020 are coordinated by pairs or teams, and we want these Visionary Explorations to be facilitated accordingly. We cannot make much progress on our own and it is, therefore, important that we have a core group of participants committed to each Vision. Our hope is that the pair or team will share the presentation, discussion, and tracking of comments for future involvements.

  1. Time and Talent

The Visionary Explorations will be limited to two-hour time frames in the three afternoon sessions. These Explorations will be running concurrently with the Vision Teams. The participants involved with these Vision Teams will be collating and condensing the results from the morning’s Focus Group discussions.

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