Family Life Program

The Family Life Committee is pleased to be providing a healthy and happy experience for our children of all ages!

Once registration opens and we start getting a sense of how many children, youth, and young adults will be attending, we will begin to create groups based upon their ages. For now, these are the three different groupings we are expecting.

Note: we are not anticipating a nursery program for babies and toddlers ... unless we start hearing about a Urantia Book baby boom, in which case we would welcome the challenge.


For the younger children (approx. 3-10 year-olds) we will be providing plenty of fun activities, arts & crafts, lawn games, costumes, special guest appearances, story times, and a puppet show! All this happening under the big tent and on the grassy fields nearby.

Pre-teen and/or young teens

Based on preliminary information, we are expecting a sizable number of 11-13 year-olds attending. That age group – which in the past we’ve lovingly referred to as the “UB tweeners” – will likely have some of their own activities planned with parental guidance tailored for their peer grouping. This will likely be a mix of time at the tent as well as time out and about on the campus grounds.

Older Teens and/or younger adults:

We are currently planning for an exciting mix of experiences under the capable leadership of an organized team building group that will provide multiple outdoor adventures. These day activities and excursions will be balanced with time back at the campus interacting with the younger adults who are participating in the conference and yet still wanting to reach out to the rising generation as mentors. There will be some light-structured evening time at the tent as well as time to relax, hang-out, listen to music, self-organize and socialize.

This is a preliminary look at the Family Life program. We are meeting regularly to customize this experience based on registration. We will be sending out a Family Life Committee survey this summer (via Survey Monkey) to both mailing lists, The Urantia Book Fellowship and Urantia Association International, with a collective desire to share helpful information so we can better serve our parents, children and grandparents, as well as to gain more information leading into this wonderful Urantia Global Experience 2020.


As with all gatherings involving minors, the parents, guardians, and grandparents are ultimately responsible for the kids they bring. We will have volunteer hours available at registration for signup (if not before) with a clear posting of the hours that the children’s program is being supervised. We will create a separate email thread leading up to the event once you’ve registered and indicated you’re bringing a child or teen. We can create a co-op and self-organize childcare services during the evening, or we can talk about hiring professional child-sitters to come in for the evening hours so you can be free to be out socializing. All this is possible and will certainly take more shape after we get survey results, registration information begins to come in, and we receive your personal feedback. We believe one of the keys to this experience is to be involved as a “whole community” and participating with good communication. So do check back to this website for updated information on the family life program and do stay in touch!

About Us

The Family Life Committee is comprised of leaders from The Urantia Book Fellowship and Urantia Association International. If you have questions about our committee, this event, how to volunteer, or if you wish to join one of our Zoom calls, please contact Anthony Finstad (committee chair).


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